Weeekly, H1-KEY, and KISS OF LIFE perform 16-song medley for Dingo Music’s Rising Voice

While it’s not Killing Voice, Dingo Music is back with a Rising Voice packed chock full of quality thanks to the combination of Weeekly‘s Monday, Soojin, and Jihan, H1-KEY‘s Hwiseo and Yel, and KISS OF LIFE‘s Belle and Natty.

Weeekly kicked things off with a five-song medley of “Tag Me“, “After School“, “RUBY-DUBY-DU“, “Backwards“, and “VROOM VROOM“. H1-KEY went next with five of their own: “Rose Blossom“, “SEOUL“, “Time To Shine“, “Low-key Scared But H1-KEY Ready“, and “Heart Light“. KISS OF LIFE finished things off with six songs, going with “Shhh“, “Countdown“, “Sugarcoat“, “Bad News“, “Nobody Knows” and “Says It“.

Putting three groups into the same video seems almost like a setup for fanwars, but thankfully most people just seem to be appreciating the songs of all the groups. And most importantly, Monday, Hwiseo, and Belle (whistle notes, surprisingly easy, apparently) all in one video.

My head canon is still that Monday didn’t go on Queendom Puzzle cause she was already tired of musical variety shows. There’s no other real logical reason.


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