After School to continue as After School, re-signs with Pledis to continue After School’s exploding acting career

After School has re-signed with Pledis Entertainment for a fourth time to continue as After School, as she has done since 2009. 14 years now seems like an eternity given all the tumultuous times After School has been through with the company.

“We would like to inform you that NANA, currently active as a singer and actor under our management, has renewed her contract with the company.
Based on a relationship of mutual trust built over our long relationship since her debut, Nana has renewed her contract with our company for the fourth time.”

Singer! After School lives!

Apologies to the people who read some of the headline and thought After School were reuniting instead of this being a typical shitpost. Don’t beat me up.

Seriously though, for Nana, I guess if it ain’t broke then why fix it.


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