Dreamcatcher drop performance & practice vids for “OOTD” + “Shatter” performance MV

One of the interesting things about Dreamcatcher‘s “OOTD“/VillainS era so far is that it’s giving me a taste of being the kind of K-pop fan with a tertiary interest in the music who mainly sticks around for the group’s visuals/persona/popularity or whatever they do. The similarities even applies all the way down to realizing the song is basically intended for TikTok, like a lot of K-pop nowadays.

To be fair, at least that feel I’m getting is mainly because Dreamcatcher have probably never looked better in the content released for the comeback. From a MEN Noblesse‘s MENCERT to 1TheK‘s Gap Crush to their performance music video and dance practice video versions, they look cool as shit.

This would be pretty perfect if the song was up to snuff.


Speaking of, in a weird choice, they decided to release a performance music video for “Shatter” to start promos for B-sides off VillainS. Again, Dreamcatcher themselves shine, as they look great, the choreo is cool, and the outfits are like a crossover for Assassin’s Creed. Unfortunately, as the song transitions from the sensual and mysterious verses to the generic boy group chorus, it loses me.

Let’s promote “Rising” instead. It may be “expected” from Dreamcatcher, but it’s also still not anywhere close to the K-pop norm any damn way, and also actually good.


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