YUKIKA’s final album, ‘Time-Lapse’, features remakes of NAMI, ANRI, Jang Pil Soon, and Junko Ohashi

YUKIKA has returned with a city pop remake album called Time-Lapse, where she provides her own take on four Korean and Japanese classics. She also simultaneously revealed on Instagram that this will be her last album, which is understandable, but unfortunate.


NAMI’s “I Want To Be Closer To You” (1992)

ANRI’s “Remember Summer Days” (1983)

Jang Pil Soon – “Gradually More” (1989)

Junko Ohashi’s “Telephone Number” (1981)

I’m assuming (hoping) that the intro and outro are original at least, as they are quite nice on their own.


YUKIKA will definitely be missed by city pop fans, as she carved out an identity and fandom for herself in this flooded K-pop landscape, which is impressive in its own right. And while maybe some wanted original music for her swan song, I actually think paying tribute to city pop legends and helping newer generations discover and appreciate older music is a pretty fitting conclusion.


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