Informant that led to G-Dragon’s drug investigation now changes testimony, gives police names of 2 other celebs

At this point, updates on the G-Dragon drug scandal aren’t really about him or drugs at all, but are about the job the media and police have done (or haven’t).


Anyway, so given that all of his drug tests have been negative, the only thing they have on GD so far is the word of the hostess bar manager. Well, she recently reportedly changed her story.

“Last year, Kwon Ji Yong visited the business. The tray in the bathroom in his room was used to do drugs, and had leftover cocaine in it. I didn’t see him do the drugs in person. The actor who was with him may have been the one who did it.”

Not sure if she ever explicitly said that she had seen him do drugs, but he was the one she named as being in the bathroom where remnants of drugs were left, which sparked the investigation.

But now she reportedly also brings up the possibility of an actor who was allegedly with him being the one who did the drugs, but even police basically aren’t going to take her word for it anymore.

In addition to actor B, A is also known to have raised suspicions of singer C’s drug use in the police investigation.
However, the police are unlikely to launch another investigation based solely on A’s statement anymore. The Incheon National Police Agency says it does not plan to immediately expand the scope of the investigation and summon B and C just because the name was mentioned in A’s statement.

Understandably, police don’t think she’s credible anymore, and thus won’t be investigating the others.

In a recent phone call with Dispatch, the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency firmly stated, “Actor B is not subject to the investigation. We have no plan to summon B as mentioned in articles”.

It seems that the police are no longer swayed by K’s statements easily. They immediately dismissed the news, saying “We are not going to summon everyone just because their names were mentioned”.

Well … probably would’ve been nice if such caution was taken prior to her testimony mysteriously being leaked to the press, and them being all too gleeful to dramatize it all.


Anyway, the manager trying to throw the drug charges on two other celebrities after G-Dragon started to test negative makes it obvious that’s she just throwing shit against the wall and hoping she’s right so she can get her own punishment reduced.

So as I said before, I can only imagine the police’s last chance to find any evidence is flipping the alleged source of the drugs, which they are in the process of attempting (though even that isn’t going as planned). Barring anybody else coming forward, I assume that would be where all of this could wrap up if it’s also a dead-end.


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