BREAKING: 44-year-old father to an infant looks tired and 44 years old

For whatever reason, a picture of Shinhwa‘s Eric has gone viral recently in Korea, mainly because he looks nothing like he did when he was one of the most famous idols in the country. Of course, that was over two decades ago, and he’s now married to model Na Hyemi and has a son that was born in March of 2023.

Anyway, here’s the pic:

Upon seeing this, netizens started asking if he’s like dying or something. And amazingly, it got to the point where the media essentially asked if there’s a reason he looks like shit, which must always be nice.

An entertainment official told media outlets, “I recently met up with Eric, and he’s not in bad health. Not at all.” An insider also stated, “Eric is just focusing on his marriage. I heard Eric has no plans for his entertainment career right now.”

So basically, Eric is fine, but it turns out a 44-year-old father of an infant looks tired as fuck. If anything, it’s maybe a good sign that he’s looking worn down from taking care of his family and dealing with all that shit.


Eric himself has now addressed it on Instagram. He basically says he gained some weight and hasn’t been sleeping as much cause of the kid.


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