OMEGA X granted temporary injunction against YouTuber due to false allegations

About four months ago, spurious rumors about OMEGA X‘s company IPQ were spreading thanks primarily to YouTuber In Ji Woong (‘K-Pop Idol Trainer’), essentially trying to frame their case against SPIRE Entertainment as tampering rather than about abuse. Soon after, IPQ alleged that those rumors were coming from SPIRE themselves, and said they would take legal action against both the former company and the YouTuber (also releasing evidence of the SPIRE CEO being … gross).

Now, in an update on the legal battle, they’ve revealed that the court has granted a temporary injunction, ruling that the ‘K-Pop Idol Trainer’ channel must delete a bunch of videos about OMEGA X as they contained untrue info.

IPQ stated on Dec 20th, “Regarding the request for the video deletion and posting ban on the YouTube channel ‘In Ji Woong K-pop idol trainer’, the court determined that untrue expressions were used in many videos posted on the channel. This was deemed as an infringement of Omega X‘s personal rights and cannot be allowed.”
IPQ explained, “The court ordered the removal of the content in question and, if not removed, imposed penalties for non-compliance with the decision regarding the violation period.”

The company then highlighted that the tampering allegations were false, and revealed plans to continue legal action.

IPQ highlighted the significance of this ruling, stating, “This development is crucial as it refutes the allegations of video tampering on the channel, which formed the basis of tampering claims raised by Injiwoong.”

“As a follow-up measure, we plan to file a main lawsuit for the entire deletion of the videos, which have a high potential for defamation, in order to protect Omega X’s reputation and ensure smooth activities.”

As IPQ themselves point out, this was just an appetizer and the main course of the lawsuit is yet to come. Still, it’s hard to read this as anything but a positive sign if the court acknowledges the tampering allegations were false. Now comes the meat of not only this lawsuit, but the one against SPIRE as well.


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