Quick Reviews: BABYMONSTER will at least be complete after “Stuck In The Middle”

Following BABYMONSTER‘s botched debut with “BATTER UP”, apparently because even YG Entertainment didn’t know what they were doing with it, Ahyeon is now back with the group, but also not in this music video for their most recent release, “Stuck In The Middle“.

Just as well, since this is a dull ballad release that’s sorta like a b-side meant to showcase a group’s vocal prowess. It’s not the kind of dynamic ballad I enjoy, but BABYMONSTER acquit themselves well here, and it’s undoubtedly better than “BATTER UP” simply because it’s pleasant, if not a bit dime-a-dozen generic. I still don’t really have any idea how their actual pop singles are gonna end up sounding, but at least after this we’ll presumably be getting a taste of what BABYMONSTER is supposed to be about*.

*Right? Of course we will. YGE wouldn’t fuck it up again would they? Surely not.


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