SPIRE continue with tampering claims, report IPQ & Danal to FTC over OMEGA X case

Despite being the only side to release any kind of credible evidence and also winning in court multiple times, OMEGA X’s abuse controversy continues on another front. Their former company, SPIRE Entertainment, has reported OMEGA X’s current company (IPQ) and Danal Entertainment to the Fair Trade Commission, accusing them of tampering.

Spire Entertainment has been accusing IPQ Entertainment of conspiring with the band and alleged that Danal Entertainment conspired with IPQ Entertainment so that the band members would break off their contract and leave Spire Entertainment, in an act that is described as “tampering” in the industry.

“We went through a difficult process to file a complaint to the FTC to reveal the truth of this case,” Spire Entertainment said in a press release.
“We hope that the truth will be uncovered through fair judgment by the FTC, rather than by defaming and insulting the opposing party,” it added.
The agency plans to take additional procedures, such as requesting compensation measures and filing a complaint to the Press Arbitration Commission to correct media reports, based on the FTC decision.
“We hope that such tampering cases will come to an end within the K-pop industry through this opportunity.”

Essentially, they are continuing to leverage the FIFTY FIFTY mess and are claiming their situation is the same as theirs. It’s convenient because they only started taking that kind of tack after ATTRAKT started getting public sympathy, not mentioning this angle prior to that.

And I’m gonna be honest here, I don’t even really care if there was tampering or not. The kind of stuff the CEO was doing with them (affirmed in court) was more than enough to justify wanting out of the company by any means necessary. Not sure what can even be shown at this point, as there’s still literal audio and video of incidents involving the company that have not been denied, so this kind of stuff feels more like legal harassment than anything else. The TS Entertainment blueprint, if you will.


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