‘Crime Scene Returns’ Episode 0: English subs, cast meet & greet, a quick mafia test, intro to marathon filming

So, if you haven’t noticed by now, I’m a bit of a fan of the Crime Scene series, and I’m excited that’s it back in the form of Crime Scene Returns on TVING. The show will actually debut on February 9, but they posted an introductory episode of sorts where the cast meet each other and do some simple games. One problem, of course…

…it’s not subbed. Well, hopefully in the future there will be subbed stuff so everybody can enjoy easily and I don’t have to do what I did for this preview episode, which is take anything I could find like in the YouTube days of yore where things are cut up into multiple sections.

Note: Shoutout to the person who e-mailed me these definitely non-shady links that seem Papago translated.

So basically, after they meet, they play the mafia game as a group warmup activity of sorts. The first time is with training wheels, both for the contestants and viewers. The contestants to see how the show and role playing will operate, and the viewer because they allow us to know the mafia members. The second time around the contestants know what they’re getting into, and they let the viewers try to figure out the mafia by themselves, which provided a nice contrast.

Quick observations:

  • The level of comfort was immediately apparent with the veterans compared to the noobs
  • Watching two first-timers in Key and Yujin trying to figure out what they’re doing on the fly was great, especially when contrasted later with Yujin and Jang Jin
  • Didn’t know who Joo Hyun Young was before this, but she definitely has potential for characters, so I get it
  • Yujin is predictably a bit reserved at first (everybody is almost a decade older), but the charm shines through in the end
  • Key seems like built for this role playing shit, but we’ll see

At the end, the “prize” comes out and the veterans are immediately skeptical. Of course, they’re right, welcome to the marathon filming session that once led Hani to a borderline breakdown on set. Honestly man, for that reason Yujin being cast was surprising cause I have no idea how she fits this into her schedule. At least Key has like freedom as a more adult and veteran idol.

Anyway, set the date! February 9! Maybe recaps if people sub it quickly! No point in posting about it if nobody else can watch!


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