Quick Reviews: TWICE’s “I GOT YOU” is an heartfelt ode to each other

For some reason it feels like it’s been forever since a TWICE release came through, but it’s only been short of a year, which I guess is still technically forever for them and speaks to them seemingly being ever-present. Their most recent single, “I GOT YOU“, is a pre-release off their upcoming With You-th album, and it’s another English-language release as well.

Thematically, “I GOT YOU” is basically an ode to themselves. The music video is beautifully shot, and the concept is a tribute to their bond and ability to get past any metaphorical storm to stick together this long in this crazy industry, and the song is a good accompaniment for that setting.

It’s an upbeat track revolving around a driving synth and a simple beat, more smooth and soothing than dynamic, which matches more of an easy-listening trend. The resonant chorus utilizes harmonies for impact, which elevates it despite being relatively retread. That said, these types of songs rely on vocals to carry the tone, and at times TWICE are a bit sharp and/or strained, which distractingly contrasts with the soundscape (sounds like a chorus meant for Taeyeon or something). Still, if the listener is a fan of TWICE, it’s certainly plenty good to be an effective heartfelt tribute. In that sense, this does comes off mostly like a fansong, but that’s also perfectly fine for a pre-release/b-side, and it does what it’s supposed to in prepping the listener for the album that’s to come.


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