Himchan (ex-B.A.P) somehow gets just a 5-year suspended sentence for sexually assaulting 3 women and molka

Back in October of last year, former B.A.P member Himchan admitted to a third sexual assault charge and got his second sexual assault charge combined into that one for one judgment, which I hoped was because the court was about to dole out serious punishment considering his extensive legal history of late. Unfortunately, despite the prosecution requesting a seven-year prison sentence, Himchan will instead get just a suspended sentence of five years.

On February 1 KST, the Criminal Division of the Seoul Western District Court (presiding judge Kwon Sung Soo) sentenced Kim Himchan to 3 years of prison, deferred by a probationary period of 5-years, for charges of rape and violations of the Act on Punishment of Sexual Crimes (filming or engaging in obscene acts using cameras or communication media).
In addition, the court ordered Himchan to undergo 40 hours of sexual violence treatment classes. He will also be subjected to a 3-year restriction on employment in institutions related to children, youth, and disabled individuals.

That’s apparently a punishment for sexually assaulting three women, and for filming one of the acts and sending it to the victim later. The only thing I can think of that could lead to this ruling, considering he was sentenced to 10 months for the first sexual assault charge, is that he reportedly paid a significant settlement fee to the victims. Still, it’s absurd to be able to buy your way into basically probation when you have sexual assaults of four women and a drunk driving case in like a five-year span (and after you’ve been caught previously already).

Anyway, looking back I guess I was too hopeful.

Anyway, I really hope they’re merging the cases so they can dole out harsher punishment instead of the opposite where they basically give him like concurrent sentences or something. I dunno, man, if you aren’t going to throw the book at what I can only describe as a serial sexual predator, then I’m not sure when you would. It’d be bad enough if he did all these in the past and was just now getting charged for all of it, but he got caught the first time and then immediately sexually assaulted other women, it’s insane.

Man, that was naive. I thought at worst they might fuck it up by giving him concurrent sentences for his crimes. Nope, not even prison.


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