The 2023 Hanteo Music Awards now comes with a fan pooping in the crowd, complete with alleged confession

The 2023 Hanteo Music Awards has just concluded this weekend, and as usual I could not care less about the outcome of said awards. However, what I do care very deeply about is a bunch of reports from people who went to the awards saying a fan pooped themselves in the crowd and the smell was so bad it was traumatizing artists.

Some clarified that it wasn’t on the floor, but the fan shit themselves and left their pants there or something, which sounds more probable than somebody just dropping into a squat unnoticed in the middle of a venue.

Though others say dropping their pants and shitting is exactly what the person did.

This person just wants an explanation, bro.

Okay, okay, let’s get the obvious out of the way. It’s a literal shitshow. This is a true shitpost. Etc etc etc.

Apart from feeling deeply sorry to the fans who had to deal with this and especially whoever had to clean it up, this is the kind of … shitty news I love to see.



The pooper has allegedly come forward and apologized. They also said if they got poop on your clothes, they’ll pay the laundry fee.

Gotta admire them. Takes a lot of guts, even though they’re missing some of what was in them now, surely.

Others are now finding past instances of the person mentioning poop.

I don’t even care if the confession is true, a legendary day.

Regardless, what we do know is that somebody shit themselves at the show.


I’m never leaving Twitter.


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