CSR add toddler member to group in shock reveal

Like many K-pop groups of late, girl group CSR are very involved in making TikTok videos and doing challenges as a way to promote themselves. Recently, they danced to a remix of Tyla‘s “Water“, as one does.

@csr.offcl water챌린지 도전!! #첫사랑 #CSR #유나 #YUNA #수아 #SUA #waterchallange ♬ Márcio Beat Water remix – Márcio Beats

However, in a shock decision, the already-young group (all are now 18) have taken drastic measures to lower their average even further in order to better compete within their generation’s trend of debuting younger and younger idols, revealing a toddler as a new member.

@csr.offcl 공원에서 찍다가 깜짝 천사가….. 심장 조심하세요….🤭😭💗#첫사랑 #CSR #유나 #YUNA #수아 #sua ♬ Márcio Beat Water remix – Márcio Beats

Unfortunately for them, that still only brings their average age to about 16, which still makes them a few years away from being hags and being discarded by most on Girl Group Stan Twitter.


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