Former FIFTY FIFTY members’ criminal complaint against ATTRAKT CEO results in no charges filed

Hello and welcome back to updates on the FIFTY FIFTY contract mess, where it’s been a minute. Legally speaking, things have continued to look rather bleak for the trio, and the break in updates was because things can take time in court. Unfortunately for them, the latest ruling was a further setback, as their lawsuit for breach of trust against ATTRAKT CEO Jeon Hong Joon recently resulted in no charges filed.

On March 11, a representative of ATTRAKT announced, “We recently received a notice from the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul stating that they decided not to transfer the case of breach of trust filed by former FIFTY FIFTY members Saena, Sio, and Aran [with no charges].” They added, “We will hold those who deceived the members, who do not understand the accounting principles of corporate funds, and encouraged them to file a complaint accountable for their actions of tampering (contacting before the exclusive contract expires) until the end.”

This result is in regards to the criminal lawsuit against the CEO himself, so the main contract lawsuit between the former FIFTY FIFTY members and ATTRAKT is yet to be resolved and seems to be the last avenue of potential recourse for the trio. That said, obviously continuing to not get anything out of these cases doesn’t bode well for that main lawsuit either. No word yet on when that decision might come down.


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