Quick Reviews: Chungha returns with the undercooked “EENIE MEENIE”

It’s only a few months short of two years since we last heard from Chungha, and that wasn’t by her choice, as she explained her problems when she called out MNH Entertainment. After leaving the company last year, she signed with MORE VISION and now is back with digital single “EENIE MEENIE” featuring Hongjoong of ATEEZ.

While I’m glad she’s back on the scene, the track itself certainly isn’t the most captivating thing she’s released. The bassline reminded me of old-school hip-hop tracks in a great way, and she almost seems to be setting something up in the pre-chorus for a minute as a quicker beat kicks in, but it doesn’t really go anywhere until a flourish at the end. I realize stripped back and cool is trendy right now (which honestly makes the featuring feel out of place), but these tracks always border on just being a bit boring.

Also, there’s seemingly been an increase in K-pop recently of utilizing a nursery rhymes/children’s songs in their tracks, and in a cynical way it makes a lot of sense. After all, while it’s usually not the most creative decision, it’s a cheap way to make sure that everybody can sing along. I don’t intrinsically have a problem with it, as tracks like HyunA‘s “RED can breathe new life into them, but Chungha doesn’t do anything but dryly cite it to us here.


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