Han So Hee confirms relationship with Ryu Jun Yeol, says she will apologize to Hyeri + C-JeS also confirms

In case you missed … well, the last post, Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri, actress Han So Hee, and actor Ryu Jun Yeol are involved in a bit of a mess that all started when dating rumors between the latter two emerged. While that was an entertaining mess, the relevant responses for this post are Jun Yeol’s side citing the actor’s private life for their non-statement and So Hee’s side denying they were dating altogether.

That brings us to moments ago, when So Hee posted a statement on her personal blog confirming her relationship with Jun Yeol, but clarifying that they didn’t start dating until after he and Hyeri broke up. She also said she would apologize for taking a shot at somebody (Hyeri).

“First, it’s true that we are in a relationship with positive feelings. However, I hope that people will not use the word ‘transfer.’ It’s true that we met through the exhibition, but I went there through a friend who’s a photographer with the goal of viewing the exhibition, and because I’d heard the news that we might be doing a project together, I wound up saying hello.
Second, when we exchanged feelings for one another, it was already the beginning of 2024, and his breakup with that person was already wrapped up in early 2023. I heard that news articles about the breakup came out in November. Based on this fact, I confirmed my own feelings, and I kept going with the relationship.
Third, my pathetic Instagram story. It’s true, it was pathetic and lame. I should have just stayed still, but even though I didn’t want to see rumors and claims that I started dating [Ryu Jun Yeol] before his breakup, I still saw and heard them, so I temporarily lost all reason and behaved rudely.
I will apologize to that person [Hyeri] regarding this fact, and I sincerely apologize to you all for not reacting wisely. Because I acted based on my emotions rather than rational thinking, I acknowledge that this is completely my fault, regardless of my reasons.
Fourth, of course there will be [official] articles published regarding this, but the articles will not represent all of my feelings and thoughts, and I’m sorry for suddenly coming here out of the blue because my only means of communicating with my fans is my blog. It wouldn’t be enough even if I came here with good news, and I truly want to apologize again and again to my fans, who were upset and couldn’t sleep because they kept seeing and hearing [news about] my situation.”

Following that post, C-JeS Entertainment confirmed the relationship from Jun Yeol’s side as well.


Well, somebody’s public relations fixer got a hold of this now, because doing this is probably the best way to de-escalate things after it got to this point. Of course, it’s bad for our sake that they’re seemingly gonna be handling things away from the public eye now, like it should’ve been to begin with, but it’s also the smarter thing to do.

Assuming it’s true that So Hee and Jun Yeol only met in November and started dating in January, there’s not really a serious issue here. I can understand Hyeri feeling some type of way about an ex of seven years moving on so quickly, and even feeling like something else might’ve been happening. But I can similarly understand So Hee “losing all reason” and dropping that response, as she was basically called a homewrecking slut across the Internet for at least a day. And Jun Yeol … well, if So Hee was interested, you’d probably take that chance too.

Of course, that timeline is relying on their word and MBC News’ reporting, so further mess could really get going if any of it turns out to be false. Though if the drama does end here, there doesn’t appear to be a need to frame anybody involved in this as one thing or another.


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