Hyeri releases an apology for her part in the mess with Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol

Despite Hyeri‘s agency recently saying that she would not have more to say on the recent relationship drama around her, her ex-bf Ryu Jun Yeol, and Han So Hee, she recently released a post on Instagram. In it, she essentially apologized for her part in the mess and explained her actions.

“First, I sincerely apologize for the speculations and controversies that arose over the past few days due to my personal emotions.
I think I failed to consider the ripple effects that each of my minor actions could have.
I sincerely apologize to anyone who was harmed because of me.
Last November, the news was released that my eight-year relationship came to an end.
It was not a decision made in a short period of time, and even after the breakup news came out, we had a conversation about talking more [about our situation].
However, we have not had any contact or met since that conversation.
And four months later, I think my emotions after coming across a new article were perceived not as actress Lee Hyeri but as just Lee Hyeri.
I apologize once again for causing harm with my impulsive emotions.
Over the past few days, I didn’t explain the reason for my actions because I thought that our conversations were overly personal, and it would only increase fatigue [to the public].
If this caused confusion for anyone, I am also sorry for that.
Moving forward, I will be more careful with my words and actions.”

Yeah, so everybody involved now is doing their best to tamp this down now, as it feels like all involved have figured that escalation is probably only going to end up reflecting poorly on everybody involved.

That said, as I mentioned before, if she was just being a bit pressed about seeing her long-term ex with a new girlfriend, I think her reaction is just human. That’s especially true if she still had hope for a reunion or something due to whatever mentioned convo they had at the time, despite four months of nothing after the breakup. But if there was indeed no cheating involved, then to So Hee’s reaction was absolutely human as well, since that’s how you’d probably lash out if you were being called what she was for days. Still, So Hee had also previously apologized, and Jun Yeol is just … well, quiet. That approach has been criticized for valid and silly reasons, but the fact remains that everybody would’ve been better off in this scenario if they did the same thing. If anything, it was back around the the time of his breakup with Hyeri where he should’ve spoken up and been clearer in private. Doing it now wouldn’t fix shit and would probably only make it worse.

Anyway, I dunno, I still think it seems like it’s possible that nobody did much actually terrible, and people are mostly hunting desperately for good and bad guys when there might not be. Just take the entertaining mess as that and move on, no need to hate somebody and fabricate scenarios in your mind.


Meanwhile, So Hee’s agency has said they intend to take legal action against malicious commenters.

“Han So-hee has been trying her best to understand and appreciate the attention from the public that comes from her profession as an actor,” Han’s agency, 9ato Entertainment, said Monday in a statement.
“But she has been going through very hard times due to ungrounded assumptions and malicious comments that are gravely tormenting her, not only as an actor, but also, moreso, as a person.”

“We apologize once more for worrying everyone during the disclosure of the actor’s relationship,” 9ato Entertainment said, promising to “guide the actor in the right direction” but also giving a firm warning to malicious commenters.
“We will take strong measures against anyone writing or spreading content that defames our artist’s reputation, regardless of the gravity of the damage.”

Well, that’s unsurprising given what was being spread. International netizens probably lucky they can’t get hit with that in this case.


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