Dispatch confirms the least messy timeline to the Han So Hee, Ryu Jun Yeol, Hyeri relationship drama, which is sorta exciting in its own way

Since Han So Hee responded on her blog to the relationship drama between her and Ryu Jun Yeol, which also involved his former long-term girlfriend Hyeri, the mess with netizens has not declined, but the substance generally has.

So Hee basically didn’t do herself any favors by leaving the comments open on her blog — considering comments are usually horrific anyway — as doing that for a mess like this and then replying to them on top of that certainly didn’t help.

Later in the day, Han So Hee personally replied to several comments on her blog post, including one criticizing her for publicly making claims about the timing of her boyfriend’s breakup.
Han So Hee responded, “[What I said about] the timing of their breakup wasn’t something I heard personally [from Ryu Jun Yeol]. I wrote that based on an article from June of last year, but if it was out of line, I’ll delete it. I was trying to prove that we didn’t get together while he was still dating [Hyeri], but I think this was rude as well.”
However, this comment also came under fire due to the fact that, according to news outlet Xportsnews, there were no articles published in June about rumors of a breakup between Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol.
In another response to a different comment, Han So Hee wrote, “Rather than getting swept up in [what other people are saying], I am very much at fault in this incident. Starting with my Instagram story, I think I made a small matter snowball into something big.”

In what was likely a smart move after this, So Hee wiped her blog and then private’d her Instagram account (Jun Yeol’s Instagram is getting bombarded right now). Hyeri’s company has also said she won’t be commenting, which also seems smart. Most seem to be on her side, so why kick the hornet’s nest?


Meanwhile, Jun Yeol arrived back from Hawaii alone, wearing a mask and hoodie, not saying anything like he was doing a perp walk.

Meanwhile, everybody was wondering if Dispatch had some juicy details on the situation, so they were readying for the mess. But while they indeed appear to have went stalking them in Hawaii, they more or less only confirmed the details released to date, commenting that the couple looked rather miserable.

Their date didn’t seem like a date. Han So Hee was looking at her phone more than her food and Ryu Jun Yeol. Ryu Jun Yeol would just eat without speaking a word.

They didn’t look like they were having any fun. Han So Hee walked around Hawaii while staring at the ground. Ryu Jun Yeol walked around Hawaii looking at the back of Han So Hee’s head.

More importantly (or boringly, depending on your perspective), they essentially confirm that Hyeri and Jun Yeol were done by June of 2023 even though they only officially broke up in September.

Dispatch also took a look into Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri’s last meeting, discovering that they grew distant around June 2023. Ryu Jun Yeol was not present at Hyeri’s birthday party either, which was in June.

“Normally the two don’t share stories about their love life. But even if they don’t say anything, I can feel it. I’ve been in touch with them often… the time they spent looking at their phones has gradually decreased. But Ryu Jun Yeol didn’t go to Hyeri’s birthday party. Everyone felt something was off.” – Insider

Dispatch also appeared to back MBC News’ report/damage control that So Hee and Jun Yeol first met at his photo exhibition on November 15, and that photographer Park Ye Eun brought So Hee there since the two are best friends.

They also revealed that there were five people on the trip to Hawaii, and that the couple only started dating a while after they met.

She was also one of five people in total on the Hawaii trip. While Ryu Jun Yeol and Han So Hee met for the first time at the art exhibition, it was not love at first sight. Dispatch stated the two fell in love gradually while talking about art.

So for all of us drama whores, that’s sorta the most boring “expose” possible. At least in the sense that whether So Hee got confused about where her timeline info came from or not, the basic details were right. Also, that it was true they had not known each other prior to Jun Yeol’s breakup with Hyeri, and that they started dating later on. Of course, it’s Dispatch, so this always comes with the disclaims that maybe they were just fed this info or something by So Hee or Jun Yeol publicists, but unless anything comes out later to counter that narrative, it’s hard to conclude this has been anything but a nothingburger aside from celebs providing us with content and being messy.


That said, in terms of netizens themselves potentially being wrong, this is perhaps the funniest possible outcome. Both in Korea and internationally, people have taken sides throughout this and have been flinging shit everywhere, projecting their own biases and issues on one, two, or even all three of the celebs involved. So for a sicko like me who is simply watching this unfold and wants to see as many netizens eat shit as possible, the potential for this to conclude as “a couple broke up, and one person started dating another months later” is actually pretty amazing.

Who knew “maybe none of them did anything worthy of being destroyed” would be a hot take? Though we probably still have to wait and see if that’s actually the case.


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