Han So Hee takes shots at Ryu Jun Yeol, agency reportedly apologizes, but then it gets deleted

Every time I think this Han So Hee, Ryu Jun Yeol, Hyeri relationship drama has come to an end — because it would be the smart thing to do — So Hee seemingly refuses to let it die, and I am forever grateful. After her and Jun Yeol broke up the other day and she posted a meme on her blog, I thought surely that must be marching towards the end of the drama, right?

Wrong. Wrong! As mentioned in the update, So Hee promptly started shitting on Jun Yeol in the comments.

Fan: Good job, So Hee. I’m feeling all relieved on your behalf. Good thing you broke up! By dating an avoidant man who keeps his mouth shut, ultimately your insides will turn black like ashes… You did so well. Giving you pats for all the hurt you received all this while… I hope it heals well. He should’ve been weaned off diapers…

Han So Hee: You’re right. The person in question kept his mouth shut, while I was trying to do anything I could. People say that in time, things will get forgotten. But what do I do? My fans are just as precious to me, so much that I can’t keep silent and just watch.

While perhaps ill-advised, I thought it might work to shift the focus onto him while he stays silent, but her company, 9ato Entertainment, apparently reached out to the media to do damage control and made an apology to Jun Yeol.

“Han So Hee is sorry toward Ryu Jun Yeol. She’s feeling especially heavy for having left that comment and hurting him. She said she didn’t expect to have created such waves with her actions. She conveyed her statement that she would not act so rashly in the future.”

Further adding to the drama was it was then quickly deleted, which … I’m guessing was by her request? Sorry, not sorry? I have no idea!

Amazing stuff.

I feel like I understand people who don’t like her after this — because of attacking Hyeri and all that, not just for speaking up — but it would be hypocritical of me to not be grateful in some sense, so I can’t do it!


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