Han So Hee & Ryu Jun Yeol confirmed to have broken up, she continues to meme

In drama usually unseen in Korean entertainment, the Han So Hee, Hyeri, Ryu Jun Yeol relationship drama seems to have taken another turn, as Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol have been confirmed to have broken up.

On March 30, Edaily reported that the two stars recently broke up. In response to the report, a source from Ryu Jun Yeol’s agency C-JeS Studio confirmed, “It is true that Ryu Jun Yeol and Han So Hee broke up.”

This comes a day after So Hee released a frustrated (and probably ill-advised) statement directed at seemingly both Hyeri and Jun Yeol.

Her agency, 9ato Entertainment, is basically doing damage control in response to the reports.

“Han So Hee and actor Ryu Jun Yeol have broken up. The two both found their roles as actors to be more important. They promised to no longer emotionally exhaust with their personal life.” They added, “Han So Hee gave herself and the public a difficult time due to her personal emotions. Her method of communication was incorrect. She will accept any criticism. Above all, the agency is greatly responsible for not looking after its actor. The agency is reflecting on failing to properly play its role. Although it is very late, we will go on to right things from now on. Please continue to watch with a warm gaze.”

In summary, she’s done with that man and they are trying to ensure she doesn’t lose any more gigs and endorsements over all this mess.

Though on that note, it was also revealed she’s released a blog post with a meme prior to the reports.

I’m not sure what happened between the two of them, and finding that out might be yet another dimension to this, but either way, breaking up with him and then trying to shift the negative attention his way is probably the smart play here. If only she did this like two weeks ago, she’d probably could’ve actually gained something from this.

Shoutout to everybody involved for making this drama weirdly public!


She apparently also can’t stop commenting on her blog.

Fan: Good job, So Hee. I’m feeling all relieved on your behalf. Good thing you broke up! By dating an avoidant man who keeps his mouth shut, ultimately your insides will turn black like ashes… You did so well. Giving you pats for all the hurt you received all this while… I hope it heals well. He should’ve been weaned off diapers…

Han So Hee: You’re right. The person in question kept his mouth shut, while I was trying to do anything I could. As time passes, it’ll be forgotten anyway, or that’s what they say. But what to do? My fans are just as precious to me, so much that I can’t keep silent and just watch.

She is probably way too online for her own good to be a celebrity, but I’m grateful for the messiness.


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