OMEGA X win contract lawsuit against SPIRE, court acknowledges assault, abuse, molestation, intimidation occurred

OMEGA X have won their contract termination lawsuit (as a part of their larger abuse case) against former company SPIRE Entertainment, according to a statement by current company IPQ.

Since they previously had won their contract injunction lawsuit, this was always a likely outcome, but just as important as winning was the court acknowledging the reasons being the assault, abuse, molestation, and intimidation as the reasoning for it, especially since SPIRE had seemingly tried to reverse things on them recently.

Furthermore, in addition to restating the ruling against YouTuber In Ji Woong and their plans for further action, they mention a tripartite agreement between them and Danal Entertainment and SPIRE, which they’ll now apparently be looking to also terminate.

Not familiar with that agreement, so I don’t have a take on it, but it’s pretty safe to assume that if SPIRE is claiming something, then it’s horribly wrong.

IPQ also concludes with updates on the assault case against former CEO Kang Seong Hee, the sexual assault case against her, as well as other lawsuits for defamation that include current CEO Hwang Seong Woo.

I guess we can still wait for that result to come out, but given what the court has said in the contract termination lawsuit about the molestation and stuff, I think disgust isn’t quite enough to describe that press conference stunt they tried to pull.


I won’t say I hate companies by default, but I am extremely skeptical of them by default and believe fans should hold their feet to the fire since in the end the companies are the ones benefitting the most from the labor of idols and the fans supporting them. But as far as companies who actually earn their pay go (or at least seem to be), IPQ has been doing about as good a job as any, as they’re juggling a ton of stuff for their artists and it’s a rare case where I can get why you’d want to support them given how well they’ve done for OMEGA X.


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