Bada’s ‘Green Heart Bazaar’ will benefit children in Gaza, includes donations from Eugene, So Yujin, Kwon Eunbi, Suho, Chuu, Jo Kwon, Sandara Park, Heo Youngji, more

Before getting back to music stuff, I thought an uplifting story would be nice after the week of mess. And so, it was revealed that the 12th anniversary of the annual Green Heart Bazaar put on by Bada (who started this), Eugene, and now So Yujin (I think Shoo is staying away due to controversies) will be held on May 11th, and many celebrities have again donated items for auction. For this edition, the proceeds will be heading to the UNICEF Gaza Emergency Relief Campaign, which will be used to support the health, nutrition, drinking water, and sanitation for children in Gaza.

Celebrities who have donated include Bada and Eugene of S.E.S, So Yujin, Kwon Eunbi, Suho of EXO, Chuu of LOONA, Sandara Park, Brian Joo, Shin Se Kyung, Kim Nayoung (ex-Gugudan), Aiki, Jisook of Rainbow, Junho of DRIPPIN, Haha, Hyojung of Oh My Girl, Heo Young Ji, Han Ye Seul, Kim So Yeon, Yewon (ex-Jewelry), Yoo Se Yoon, Lee Mujin, Jun Hyun Moo, Jo Kwon of 2AM, Jo Se Ho, Kwanghee, and more, including many companies.

It’s honestly just very cool to watch something that Bada started as a fanclub thing transform into all this, where even the Korean Secretary General for UNICEF is thanking her.


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