Cao Lu wants to reunite FIESTAR to record Chinese version of “You’re Pitiful”, has bought the copyright

With all the mess in K-pop nowadays, sometimes we overlook the important things. You know, such as FIESTAR member Cao Lu wanting to reunite the group to record a Chinese version of “You’re Pitiful“.

How would they do that, you ask? Well, Cao Lu has apparently been selling products on livestream all this time and making bank*, and she had enough to buy the Chinese copyright for the song. Motivated by the regret of not hitting #1, she has re-written the lyrics and wants to re-record the track with the members, and she’s apparently heading to Korea to discuss her plan with them.

*Somehow this doesn’t surprise me, as Cao Lu’s always-on energy seems like a match for livestreaming.

I dunno if this is wishful thinking or what, but I’m praying we get the reunion one way or another. What a comeback this was, man.

An underrated Shinsadong Tiger bop. RIP.


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