Video of YouTuber Sojang literally getting chased from court & down the street by Dispatch for 3 minutes

Infamous cyberwrecking YouTuber Sojang, who is currently facing criminal and civil charges brought by IVE‘s Wonyoung and Starship Entertainment, was recently chased around the court and down the street by Dispatch after she was forced to show up to court for trial.

Sojang showed up to court in disguise, wearing a wig, glasses, and a mask, this time for a defamation trial against Kang Daniel*. However, Dispatch quickly figured out who she was and started pursuit.

*Sojang admitted to posting a video with false information, but insisted the intention was not to slander and that she believed it was true. Her lawyer claimed the burden of proof was on the other side.

Like I know Dispatch is insane, and for anybody else this would be absolutely deranged, but this is just funny as hell with context of who it is. I feel like you could add “Yakety Sax” to this and it’d fit perfectly.


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