Kim Hyun Joong & ex battle over paternity test; more pics of abuse released


In a not-so-surprising turn of events, the debate over the paternity of the child between Kim Hyun Joong and his ex has turned sour. Kim Hyun Joong refused to take leave from the military recently, and then had his lawyer hold a press conference to basically say that Kim Hyun Joong had done his part because he sent a hair sample or something.

The ex’s lawyer’s reply was that they wanted to do the testing in person to ensure the fidelity of the results, but he refused.

“We wanted to do a DNA test with all three of them together, but he refused it. Doesn’t he want to see the child as well?”

“We hope he gets checked at a hospital or an organization that both sides can trust. We will go to the judiciary branch to decide who will decide on the child’s name, parental rights, custody rights, as well as who can love the child more.”

So basically both sides are saying “NUH UH YOU ARE THE ONES AVOIDING US”. Well, to solve that, the ex’s side is apparently filing a paternity suit.

“We plan to bring a paternity suit against Kim Hyun Joong. It’s just taking some time because we have to register the birth of the baby and take care of other matters [related to the birth]. We will check the DNA at a place that is reputable and legally recognized.”

Good? Sounds like a plan.

Trusting oppar to send in a credible hair sample after he declines leave from the military sounds like it would be the dumbest shit ever.


Anyway, I was torturing myself by reading through some of the comments on this elsewhere, and it now appears Kim Hyun Joong has some type of international coalition of supporters waiting for oppa. It’s puzzling. Like, I really don’t get it.

Look, just throw out all the allegations of him causing a miscarriage or the paternity test or ANY of that stuff, and STILL why would anybody feel so passionate about defending a guy who has copped to at least hitting his girlfriend, threatened to kill her, and was exposed as a generally uncaring, callous asshole?

It’s sorta hilarious to me how badly some idols get shit for dating other people or saying moderately rude things on broadcast, but there’s such a passionate bunch stanning and excuse making for a dude who has been proven to at least be a genuinely shitty person and gigantic asshole.

Like … what?


Oh yeah, almost forgot, it was revealed in recently released pictures that she had bruise marks in some past photos.


Why are they bothering, though? I don’t need evidence of this. Dude admitted it himself. Meh.


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