Huang An faces charges, says he didn’t do the things he clearly did do


Huang An, the man who was the catalyst in this whole Tzuyu mess, is currently in some deep doo-doo. For all of you hoping that karma would come back to bite him in the ass, well it certainly seems like we’re getting to that point.

At the moment, not only is Huang An facing charges for coercion in Taiwan, but he also released a statement on his Weibo to explain his actions of late because he’s apparently at risk of basically becoming exiled from Taiwan.

While that’s all serious stuff, the funny part comes into play when you read Huang An’s statement and realize he completely walks back his bullshit and hopes people just forgot about what happened.



The translation of Huang An’s original post is a bit … dramatic there, but that’s the general message.


How dumb does he think people are, honestly? It’s not even like Huang An labeled Tzuyu a pro-Taiwan independence celebrity just one time on Weibo based on her holding a flag, because he continued to harp on that over and over for a long-ass time. Is he literally trying to write revisionist history over something that’s a week old?

Also, remember people, he’s the real victim in all this because of our lies. This is the best delusional old man ever.

Man, he must realize he fucked up bad. Oh well.


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