Video on Tzuyu’s scandal refutes the attempts at blame shifting


After Chinese netizens started to become aware of the immense backlash against the witch hunting of Tzuyu, they basically mounted a PR campaign trying to shove off the blame on others like Huang An, Taiwanese media, JYP Entertainment, JYP, or whoever else. This position was endorsed by the Chinese state media, which exonerated Tzuyu but pushed most of the blame for the incident onto the Taiwanese media.

A recent video that was e-mailed to me aimed to refute all the post-hoc blame game nonsense, and while I’m not usually inclined to take videos like this seriously, this one came with visual receipts and did a solid job of explaining.

While the wording of all this is a bit dramatic, after looking at the actual evidence presented, it’s hard to argue with it. In terms of Chinese netizens now trying to find any other scapegoat for the clusterfuck besides their own mirror, it’s quite clear now that almost all of this mess started with netizens and that it was public figures like Huang An who simply bandwagoned the popular Internet sentiment.


Knowing all this doesn’t materially change much, but it does help provide a deeper understanding and greater context for how things went down. At the very least, it helps shut down the narratives from people acting as apologists for Chinese netizens and their involvement in the scandal (yes, people actually defend them).


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