Grace does ’25 Facts About Me’, signed giveaway + asks for your questions


Grace of “I’m Fine” fame has been active on YouTube recently, and she just uploaded a ’25 Facts About Me’ video. More importantly, she invites you to ask her questions because she’s gonna do a question and answer video next.

(And yes, she forgot her birthday.)

Somebody who knows better about her Nega Network trainee days please ask her about that.

Also, I believe there still time to win a signed single from her.


There’s a lot of reasons to like her, but if nothing else, you should stan just because if she blows up then we can get the netizen reaction to her covering Ty Dolla Sign‘s “Or Nah“.

Do you like the way I flick my tongue or nah?
You can ride my face until you dripping cum

Took him to the kitchen, fucked him right there on the table
he repping XO to the death, I’m tryna make this 오빠 sweat
I’m tryna keep the dk wet, I’m tryna fuck him don’t u tell


I also liked this, because I like to study the art of dance.


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