Dirty Iljin Manwhores: Hyunseung Edition

Manwhore Hyunseung 7

Considering how much love bae Hyunseung has gotten since I left to attempt being an adult, I thought it was a perfect time to focus on the other hot half of Troublemaker.

Manwhore Hyunseung 6

Manwhore Hyunseung

Manwhore Hyunseung 3

Of this series of articles, so far no one seems to be more fitting of the Dirty Iljin Manwhore title than Hyunseung (Seungri being a close competitor).

Manwhore Hyunseung 5

Manwhore Hyunseung 4

Unlike other people on the internet, I’ve always liked Hyunseung’s distant persona because it matches his dark elf aesthetics.

Manwhore Hyunseung 2

God bless high-quality pictures and idols that don’t care at all.

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