Boy group trainee details sponsor offer made to him by a woman


As the prostitution/sponsor scandal unfolded in the K-pop world, all of the focus was on male businessmen paying female celebrities for sex. But given what we know about humans and how things have operated in the West with these types of scandals, many figured that male celebrities were also getting offers one way or another. And recently, one boy group trainee dished about his sponsor offer from a woman.


The former trainee explained, ‘At first she gives allowance. $70, $100, $200.. like that, and then she said ‘I’ve made the decision to send you a lot more’, and really sent me $1000. I was so shocked at first so I asked, ‘Can I really take this?’, and she answered, ‘Hey, just take it. I’m giving it to you. I know you have a lot to spend’.’

He continued, ‘After about 4 months, she started to text me and said, ‘I am lonely nowadays. Can you come?’. So I replied, ‘But you have a husband’, and she said, ‘He’s out on a business trip and not coming home tonight.’

Former trainee shares more of the shocking story as he added, ‘She kind of wants that, like skinship (physical touch), or often asked to ‘Stay with me for a day’.’ The PD in shock asked, ‘She asks upfront like that?’, and he answered, ‘Yeah, directly says ‘I am lonely today. Come over.”

‘I told her that ‘This is not right. I know I received money but this is not right. I will return it after I become successful, so I want you to stop contacting me. Then she brought like a bill and said, ‘Hey, I gave you this much money, but you are betraying me?”

The former trainee showed regret as he said, ‘I also think it’s crazy, but I didn’t know it back then. People around me were like, ‘Take it, take it. She’s going to sponsor for you, take it’, and then I really started to and the amount became around $18,000~ $26,000. I didn’t have any money saved and I was jobless. My debt was only getting bigger and bigger…’


None of this is all that surprising, but I thought it was a necessary portrayal of the other side of the coin. And perhaps inadvertently, it also went on to showcases how these so-called voluntary agreements can turn into nothing more than a dressed-up blackmailing of people for sex.


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