[Update] Another sexual assault charge filed against Yoochun, C-JeS responds


While the police is still investigating Yoochun‘s sexual assault case despite the alleged victim withdrawing charges, another woman has stepped forward with sexual assault charges against him.

Local news outlet YTN reports that 20-something-year-old “A” has submitted charges of sexual assault against Park Yoochun to the Seoul Gangnam Police Station. “A” is accusing Park Yoochun of sexual assault that allegedly occurred in December 2015 at a bathroom in an entertainment establishment/liquor bar. “A” claims she refused a number of times, but was sexually assaulted. She says she was afraid to come forth before because Park Yoochun is a top star and she was also afraid of losing her means of living, but after finding out something similar happened, she found the courage to come forth.

The Gangnam Police Station has confirmed with other news outlets that new sexual assault charges have indeed filed against Park Yoochun today. The police are currently looking over the submission.

If this sounds a lot like what he allegedly did in the other sexual assault case, it’s because it is similar. So while it’s possible this could be a copycat lawsuit or something to that effect, it certainly seems more likely at this point that he may just have a pattern of this behavior.

Either way, while I still maintain that we should keep our neutrality until at least the police investigations finish so that we have better information to work with, I have to admit that this is not the best look for Yoochun and if this was indeed something he did on a serial basis, this could get worse in a hurry.

We’ll see.


C-JeS Entertainment has released a statement denying that the accusation is true, claiming that they will take legal action, and oddly noting that Yoochun would retire if convicted.

Hello. This is C-JeS Entertainment.

We apologize for worrying many people with our involvement in continuous scandalous cases.

The recently reported second filed complaint against Park Yoochun are not true and we will take legal action for defamation and false accusation.

We believe that he will be cleared of suspicion as the police are currently investigating the first lawsuit.

We feel sad and regrettable to hear of news of another ridiculous lawsuit that has been filed through reports when Park Yoochun hasn’t even been asked for his testimony regarding the first case yet.

Currently, Park Yoochun is in a state of great emotional shock. We ask for refrainment from reporting invalid and sensational news and hope that people will wait for the results from the investigation.

In the case that Park Yoochun is found guilty of committing any crime, he will retire from the entertainment industry.

Thank you.


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