Yoochun’s case investigation concludes, leaves many questions & few consequences


The police investigation of Yoochun‘s sexual assault case seems to have wrapped up recently, with a bunch of mess being unveiled, though without a ton of detail still.

The results break down like this:

A) Yoochun acquitted of sexual assault. Alleged victim, her boyfriend, and her cousin are charged with blackmail. Police confirmed that the DNA on the alleged victim’s underwear matched Yoochun.

B) Yoochun acquitted of sexual assault, and alleged victim’s charges declared false.

C) Yoochun acquitted of sexual assault due to lack of proof of force.

D) Yoochun acquitted of sexual assault due to lack of proof of force.

Obviously this doesn’t include the fifth alleged victim who didn’t file charges, nor does it relate to the sixth woman who didn’t say he sexually assaulted her.


I’d like to hear the details on the first two cases, which will probably be revealed eventually. It sounds to me like the first alleged victim reached an illegal out of court settlement, at least given what we know about how that used to work prior to 2013, but I’m open to it actually being blackmail given the questionable nature of the gangs involved, supposedly on both sides. I’d also like to know what the second alleged victim supposedly lied about or why the charges were false, because I had thought her filing those charges six months before the first alleged victim would be difficult to fabricate, especially since the police at the time thought she had a case. As for the latter two cases, those alibis appear to have been bunk as suspected, and the same thing applies to those as was said previously.

So the conspiracies about all of them being involved in some kind of group blackmail due to a crime syndicate doesn’t appear to be the reality — while those who want to believe some kind of government conspiracy are probably too far gone anyway — and in the end it’s turned out not all that far off from what realistic people expected: A whole lot of questions, murkiness, and shadiness, but ultimately not much the way of punishment or consequences.


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