Jung Joon Young submits phone to police, has seemingly done everything right


Besides wanting to hear from the ex, probably one of the last things to clear up in Jung Joon Young‘s not-really-a-sex-tape case was the matter of the lame-ass excuse he reportedly gave police about his phone being broken. Well, it turns out it wasn’t broken, as he voluntarily turned in said phone to the police.

His agency C9 Entertainment stated on September 27, “The prosecution requested that he voluntarily submit his phone, and so this morning he submitted it to the Eastern District Prosecutors’ Office.”

His agency also stated that Jung Joon Young will be sincerely complying with any further requests made by the prosecution.

Assuming there’s nothing on it, and he would have to be a goddamn idiot to turn it over with something on it, this is about as clean as a public figure will ever get away from a reported sexual assault and then reported sexual harassment case.


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