Berry Good’s “Don’t Believe” MV & ‘Glory’ album makes them everybody’s nugu fave


I am back, sorta, to review the widely requested comeback by Berry Good with their single, “Don’t Believe”, and their album, ‘Glory‘. Yes, that’s right, I’m here to save Asian Junkie from the miserable dictator, IATFB. Don’t worry my little lovebirds, I shall prevail.

As I predicted in my past review for the group, Berry Good are on their way to be people’s nugu favs. The group are currently targeting two current trends: a tropical house title track and having a fucking odd music video.


I’ve been staring at my fridge for five minutes thinking up ways to explain what the fuck is going on in the MV. In the end, I just see it as a homage to Red Velvet and their ever-growing popularity — nothing is original anyway, fuck it. That said, if there was a group’s style to rip off from, Red Velvet would be the go-to choice.

Note: The praise doesn’t include the PVC jerseys, which should be burned. However, the burlesque-style outfits underneath look cute as fuck.



As for the song, there’s a slow build up but they use it effectively and give us a pay off for our patience. At first you think it will be a very questionable ballad with random English, but once the hook hits, it becomes apparent that it was worth sticking out the verses.


Aside from the single, though, there’s the album, ‘Glory.’ It’s worth taking a look at as well.

1 To 10” is very classical-sounding girl group song, and it’s quality enough that it could honestly be another title track. It really reminds me something old old A Pink would do before they went into doing boring abstract ballads. 10/10, very nostalgic.

Falling In Love” was the letdown of the release as I actually found it rather boring. I know there will be a lot of K-pop fans liking this because it’s cute and fresh, but personally I have a different preference in terms of what’s appealing with being cute. Still, it’s definitely one for the eager beaver girl group Twitter stans.

Sugar Sugar” follows the theme of nostalgia, and ends up serving major Secret throwback vibes, which is a welcome feeling as the group is on the verge of never returning.

Berry Good, the nugu faves, have finally arrived.


‘Glory’ Album

“Don’t Believe” Song

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