H.O.T. fans already knew about Moon Hee Jun & Soyul, the ‘007 Love’ couple


The media are apparently calling Soyul and Moon Hee Jun‘s relationship007 Love‘ because of how discreet it was, and judging by the reactions to the reveal, they aren’t wrong. However, that’s not to say everybody was fooled, and it shouldn’t be a surprise that H.O.T. fans knew all along.

Go ahead and read the whole story of Moon Hee Jun and Soyul’s relationship here, but the part I want to focus on is H.O.T. fans somehow knowing something was coming.

Fans of Moon Hee Jun were already “mentally prepared” for his relationship with Soyul. That was because this year happened to be Moon Hee Jun’s 20th anniversary since debut. In the many concerts held from January to November, they would see Soyul appear at the VIP stands. During the September concert, Moon Hee Jun’s mother also came in person. Fans had also witnessed Soyul sitting beside Moon Hee Jun’s mother, accompanying her and leaving the venue, looking like a good daughter-in-law. Rumors have it that the fans had already “accepted” Soyul, hence, it was not revealed to reporters.

On one hand, I’m glad H.O.T.’s fandom has accepted her, because I know how nasty they can get when they don’t like a female idol dating members of the group (as Kan Mi Youn and Baby V.O.X. are well aware of). On the other hand, it’s still horrifying how we’re 15 years on since H.O.T. has disbanded and the fans still know all the shit that goes on in the private lives of the members that nobody else seems to know. Additionally, the inference at the end is basically that if they didn’t like Soyul, they would’ve blown up her spot in an attempt to get them to breakup.


Regardless, at least things seem to be working out so far for the couple.


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