B1A4 return with an ideal winter song & a beautiful music video for “A Lie”


B1A4 are back with “A Lie“, which is both a great example of a quality seasonal song and an absolute visual treat of a music video.

Oh wow, lookie here, one can make a seasonal winter ballad about love and betrayal without falling into some kind of coffee-house bore or bland emo mess! See, I can enjoy these efforts … they just have to be enjoyable.

The composition of “A Lie” is what makes this track standout from most winter efforts, and I’m assuming Jinyoung (‘God Of Music‘ fucking represent) was behind this as he produced a lot of their other releases. It’s extremely well done, crafting an emotional atmosphere appropriate for the lyrics but also giving the song pace and making sure the track doesn’t go stale late by incorporating key changes to switch it up.

The chorus is what will make this stick in your head, as it jumps at you with drums in the instrumental and then a vocal explosion that’s both catchy and epic-sounding in scale.


As for the music video, it’s still the main appeal of this to me. The love and betrayal aspects of this are wonderfully mapped out, but the highlight is always gonna be the cinematography.

It was so amazing to look at I felt like it distracted from the song.


The music video was such a treat to experience that I initially was just going to write a brief article talking about the visuals because I had completely glossed over listening to the song itself. Fortunately, I did end up listening to the song a few times and then appreciated that they had compiled an overall amazing effort. Personally, I feel like “A Lie” is B1A4’s best overall release, and it’s definitely one of the best K-pop ballads. Just a well executed effort all around.


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