B1A4 gives police statement about ‘SNL Korea’, INFINITE & Block B to be called in


In the ongoing Saturday Night Live Korea‘ sexual harassment controversy, it was revealed that B1A4 had already submitted written statements to the police, and that despite the best efforts of ‘SNL Korea’ to keep things to only B1A4, police are also asking for statements from INFINITE and Block B.

A source from the Seoul, Mapo police station said on December 2, “December 1, the B1A4 members submitted written statements about what happened.” The source was unable to disclose what exactly they said, as the investigation is in its beginning stages.

December 2, sources from INFINITE’s and Block B’s agencies confirmed that they had been contacted by the police to answer questions about what had happened. INFINITE’s side said, “A specific date has yet to be decided, but when it is confirmed, we will cooperate to the best of our ability.” The source from Block B’s said that they will be doing the same.

While it’s positive that this has expanded now to INFINITE and Block B, I do doubt they (and B1A4) would admit to wanting to make this a bigger deal than it already is. Like B1A4 already apologized publicly for being the victims of this, so you sort of get what the mindset is of the boy bands from that.

As such, it would be surprising if anything serious actually came of this, despite the fact that it’s on video.


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