‘SNL Korea’ sexual harassment scandal goes to police, Lee Se Young scapegoated


The sexual harassment controversy that continues to dog ‘Saturday Night Live Korea‘ has expanded from B1A4 and INFINITE, to Block B, and later Jonghyun of SHINee and actor Kim Min Suk. While apologies have been released, some of which only made things worse, now the police are involved.

The Mapo Police have stated that they received, on November 30 KST, the case revolving around comedienne Lee Se Young and the “SNL Korea” sexual assault controversy. It was submitted by E-People, a service that handles petitions, proposals, and policies submitted by the public. The date for questioning Lee Se Young has not been set yet, with initial investigations still ongoing. The police are unable to comment any further regarding the case, including whether B1A4 will be questioned. FNC Entertainment, Lee Se Young’s management, stated that they did not receive any communication from the police as of yet, but they will diligently cooperate with the investigation.

The thing to note is that it only seems to involve Lee Se Young and B1A4 instead of ‘SNL Korea’ as a whole and the rest of the people who were victimized. This seemed to be the plan of ‘SNL Korea’ from the start, as they consistently only apologized/acknowledged the B1A4 sexual harassment, and it seems to have worked to a certain extent. Furthermore, the fact that this is all on Lee Se Young’s shoulders means she’s basically been served up as the sacrificial lamb for an action that anybody with eyes can see involved many more people than just her.

‘SNL Korea’ tried to further that narrative by announcing that Lee Se Young would be taking an indefinite leave.

Producers of the show stated on December 1,”After much discussion, we have agreed to honor Lee Se Young’s wish to [leave and] take this time to reflect,” but left the possibility of a future return open.

As I said before, ‘SNL Korea’ are transparently trying to compartmentalize this scandal, pretending the wrongdoing only happened once to B1A4 and that Lee Se Young was the culprit behind all this. This is a rather gutsy public relations move considering all one needs to do is look at the videos available online to know the narrative they’re trying to push is bullshit.

So while it’s right that this goes to authorities, don’t believe the horseshit scapegoating and damage control ‘SNL Korea’ is trying to pull.


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