The iconic Uhm Jung Hwa returns with “Dreamer” & “Watch Me Move”, decimates all

Uhm Jung Hwa has finally returned to bless us with two fantastic dance tracks in “Dreamer” and “Watch Me Move.”

I’ll talk about “Watch Me Move” first because I think this is the one most people will enjoy more. It’s definitely the standout between the two, and had me invested from the first note. The overall sound is certainly not innovative in any way, but what it does, it does right. The instrumental paired with her signature breathy vocals in the verses gives the track a mysterious and alluring appeal. The beat is super infectious, and while her vocals aren’t anything to write home about, they get the job done. I appreciated hearing her step outside of the breathiness in the chorus, too. (And, she did a better job of not overdoing it than some who have a lot more vocal ability.)

So while “Watch Me Move” immediately grabs, “Dreamer” is the sleeper track that will infiltrate unexpectedly. The more I listen to this song, the more I love it. It’s a modern disco track that might not have the drama we’re used to from iconic songs of that era, but nails the details nonetheless; the clapping beats, the funk guitar, and the strings in the chorus. Perhaps they catered a bit more to Uhm Jung Hwa’s vocal limitations by not allowing the drama of the instrumental to really be as pronounced as it could have (think of Giorgio Moroder‘s work with Donna Summer), but if so they did it flawlessly in a way that was still very much enjoyable.

What’s more wonderful is that the visuals within the videos were captivating in all the right ways for simple yet effective reasons. For almost 50, the woman is the definition of goals. The overall aesthetic of both give me Cher-vibes, and I mean that as a massive compliment as Cher is a fucking icon. Uhm Jung Hwa really embraces the fabulous flamboyance of the bold styling and brings the visuals to their full potential.

In “Watch Me Move” we see a lot of color against rather drab and dreary settings. Bold sequin red, shimmery silver, and gold outfits bring the video to life along with quirky accessories.

The incorporation of high end editorial trends, like the bleached brows we see above, was cool to see as well.

“Dreamer” shows a much darker palette, but it’s very chic, rich, and just as flamboyant with her main fluffy black outfit and the dramatic shots of her background dancers in front of mirrors.

While a lot of people internationally may not know Uhm Jung Hwa, you’ve most likely heard one or two of her songs before on variety shows at some point, and there’s a reason “exclusive” member T.O.P of Big Bang was on a track with her back in 2008. Years later, Uhm Jung Hwa still doesn’t disappoint. Both title tracks are enjoyable and catchy, and I love the overall aesthetic of both music videos.


‘The Cloud Dream Of The Nine’ Album

“Watch Me Move” Song

“Dreamer” Song

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