TWICE’s Dahyun finally gets to dance to BLACKPINK’s “Playing With Fire”, also BTS’s “Fire”

Despite their respective fandoms being morons towards one another, TWICE and BLACKPINK themselves seem rather close and fond of one another, and while TWICE were on their “vacation” to Australia over a week ago, Dahyun teased what was to come in covering “Playing With Fire” for a bit on V live.

Well, on their recent V live, Dahyun finally got to dance to the song.

The TWICE members also made her make a mess out of herself to BTS‘s “Fire“.

Dahyun is the elite-level attention whore, bitches.

The whole dance party section was quite entertaining, really.

Oh yeah, most importantly, Sana teased that they are doing something Sailor Moon related at their upcoming concert.

That, and Nayeon is DONE with ‘shashaha.’

They were right about her all along.


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