Gaon apologize for BTS/Big Bang controversy + BTS fans demand apology from VIPs & call Gaon

In a rather predictable but boring end to all the BTS/Big Bang drama involving alleged plagiarism at the recent Gaon Chart Music Awards, it turns out the statement by Big Hit Entertainment was indeed correct and it was Gaon who were responsible for the stages. As such, Gaon issued an apology for all the mess they created.

This is the official statement with regards to the performance plagiarism of BTS that took place at the 6th Gaon Chart Music Awards.

After checking with the production (which we outsourced) for the award, the production did not monitor the video used for BTS’s performance carefully enough and they did not explain or show said video to BTS enough beforehand.

We bow our heads in apology to those affected and discomforted by this incident.

We are sorry.

We would also like to thank everyone for their love and support for the Gaon Chart Music Awards. Thank you.

So that’s resolved quietly.

And I seriously still don’t see where the plagiarism was anyway.

Thankfully the fandom mess is far from over. After Korean VIPs trended a demand that BTS apologize for plagiarism, now Korean BTS fans are trending the demand that VIPs apologize to BTS.

BTS fans are also now apparently calling Gaon to confirm all this, among other things, I’m sure.

Gaon also had to explain to people that they were not copping to plagiarism.



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