BTS’s interviews with Yahoo Music & Yahoo Esports were entertaining messes

Because I was too occupied by people sending angry e-mails or leaving angry comments, I recently missed out on things like BTS‘s interviews with Yahoo Music and Yahoo Esports at the time they happened. That’s a shame because they’re interviews in which they were sort of glorious messes.

As I said at the time, Rap Monster‘s acceptance speech was so professional and composed compared to … um, what it could’ve been*, but I care less about that and more for these types of looser interviews.

*”Billboard is my best friend, is Billboard your best friend?”

While the interviewers themselves were surprisingly boring for a group willing to do whatever, BTS seemed to make the most of it.

In particular was the Machine Gun Kelly story where Rap Mon says the other BTS members were hopeless cause he was in the bathroom at the time and nobody else can speak in English. And Suga comes over the top and immediately responds in English, which invokes the “aight then” face.

On a serious note, I thought it was interesting how Rap Mon talked about how Korean parents in his region would watch ‘Friends‘ to help their kids learn English. Given that his favorite character was Chandler Bing, I need an explanation for why Rap Mon has yet to say ‘Chanandaler Bong’.

Obviously I understand more than most about the backlash against the fandom messes, but in terms of BTS themselves, I’ve never seen a whole lot to hate about them.

Like look at this shit:

Meanwhile, here’s “worldwide handsome” Jin:

My god.


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