Henry released an apology for the styling in “I’m Good” MV & the Yesung blackface stuff

In a recent Facebook post, Henry uploaded a video of himself apologizing for outrage at his styling in his “I’m Good” music video and also for defending Super Junior‘s Yesung‘s blackface (yes, the C O S P L A Y comment).

I think he’s probably being sincere, but I would be lying if I wasn’t cringing at the parts where he says he did it cause he loves the black culture and black community so much, when he rolls out how his friends are black, and when he says he just didn’t know what blackface was. It would all be more understandable if this were coming from somebody who was born and raised in Asia and not Canada, but hey, who knows?

Can’t say I cared much about the music video (didn’t even cover the release), but the C O S P L A Y shit became a quality meme at least, and I definitely owe him for that one.


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