BTS’s crazy, whirlwind week in California will be starting tomorrow

BTS leave South Korea tomorrow for a whirlwind tour of America that starts on November 14 and ends (probably) on November 21.

Their week starts immediately upon arriving in Los Angeles, as they’ll perform on the November 14 airing of CBS‘s ‘The Late Late Show With James Corden‘. The next day on November 15, BTS will be holding an outdoor mini-concert put on by ABC‘s ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live‘. They’ll then seemingly have a few days off (they’ll probably fill it somehow) before they perform “DNA” (wish it was “Dope” or something, dammit) on ABC’s ‘American Music Awards‘ on November 19, before recording for the actual ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ show the next day on November 20. Then to cap off the week in California, BTS will film for ‘Ellen‘ on November 21.

That is an impressive week they have lined up, and whoever is handling their overseas promotions is doing it right. Personally hoping they don’t just perform “DNA” since they’re gonna be on so many different shows and could showcase a variety of quality tracks, but we’ll see. Either way, should be exciting to follow along.


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