‘MIXNINE’ position battle performances continue with 2 impressive & 2 horrific stages

Last week on ‘MIXNINE saw the start of the position battles between the sexes, and this week’s episode is a continuation of that.


Rap Battle

Auh~! (Jeong Sara, Choi Yoon A, Johyun, Han Gyeo Ul, Kwak Hee O, Seo Ji Heun, Jung Da Sol) – Jimin – “Puss”

Nerd’$ (Lee Jae Jun, Taewoon, Yim Young Jun, Shim Joong Min, Song Min Gi, Chae Chang Hyun, Moon Young Seo) – Zico & Mino – “Okey Dokey”

Auh~! – 1984 | Nerd’$ – 3404

The female team … made me appreciate Jimin. It wasn’t just that Jimin raps better than almost everybody in the group, but also the overall stage presence and performance abilities were just completely different. Not only was the male team better overall at rapping, but their teamwork was far better and that led to a far more effective presentation.

If there was any battle where the male team deserved to lap the female team it was this one. Easy call.

Dance Battle

Hotspot (Choi Ha Young, HyunJin, Yang Hye Seon, Hayoung, Jang Eun Seong, Park Ji Woo, Yoo Ha Jung, Jung Ye Eun, Lee Bom, Ogawa Mizuki, Park Eun Jo, Sekioka Rena, Han Byeol) – Nicki Minaj – “Starships”

One Way (Kim Sang Jin, Kim Young Jo, Cho Han Kook, Kim Dong Hyun, Kim Young Jin, Son Jun Hyung, Jeong Seung Bo, Kim Sang Yeon) – One Direction – “What Makes You Beautiful”

Hotspot – 4738 | One Way – 3630

The female team had Hayoung looking flawless and I didn’t know anybody on the male team, so … yeah. Honestly, neither team had many moments that stood out to be as overly impressive, but the teamwork edge would probably go to the women over the men.

No problem with the women beating the men here, but I thought the score probably should’ve been closer.

Vocal Battle

Head-On (Kim Yun Ji, Siyeon, Chon Ye Im, Jang Hyo Gyeong, Hwang Ji Min, Kim Yoon Young, Song Ji Eun, Yeo In Hye, Go Jeong Hee, Choi Soo Jung, Hong Joo Hyun) – Ailee – “Singing Got Better”

High Quality (Lee Gun Min, Park Hyun Kyu, Lee Chan Dong, Lee Dong Hun, Kim Hyun Soo, Lee Chang Yun, Jeong In Seong, Oh Hee Jun) – TVXQ – “Love In The Ice”

Head-On – 2920 | High Quality – 3754

The female team were generally butchers up there aside from Siyeon and like one or two others. There was a lot of screaming, terrible harmonies, and people who picked the wrong position. The male team were quite good overall, and most importantly they didn’t completely shit the bed.

Honestly don’t understand how it was close. The male team should’ve coasted just because they didn’t ruin their song like the female team did.

Dance Battle

Mix Nice (Lee Soo Jin, Choi Moon Hee, Kim Min Ju, Kim Su A, Kim Bo Won, Baek Min Seo, Park So Eun, Kim Chae Hyun, Baek Hye Jin, Kim Da Yun, Jeon Yu Jin, Jung You Jung, Lim Jung Min) – TWICE – “Knock Knock”

Mazinger (Park Sung Hyun, Song Han Gyeom, Shin Jun Seop, Yao Ming Ming, Kim Hyun Jong, Kim Dong Yoon, Hiyama Kazuhiro, Kim Seh Yoon, Park Seung Jun) – 2PM – “My House”

Mix Nice – 2806 | Mazinger – 5290

The female team didn’t do much impressive, partially because of the song choice. I mean they weren’t bad, it was just a solid performance. The male team were impressive individually and as a unit. A freakishly polished and engaging stage.

Yeah, this was an absolutely bloodbath that deserved the blowout result.

Vocal Battle

Bivid (Park Hae Lin, Kim Ju Yeon, Go Ah Ra, Im So Hyeon, Lee Ye Sol, Nam Yu Jin, Hur Young Joo, Yukika, Paik Da Ae, Mun Eun Jin, Kim Soo Hyun) – Taeyeon – “Rain”

Red Sox (Lee Ru Bin, Ma Jae Kyung, Hwang Yun Seong, Park Min Kyun, Yoon Yong Bin, Kim Seong Yeon, Jung Sung Chul, Jeong Hyun Woo) – K.Will – “Day 1”

Bivid – 3926 | Red Sox – 3094

The female team decided to take an already chill song and make it even more chill, which emphasized the vocals for better and worse. There were rough moments, but they generally pulled through, especially as a collective playing off each other. The male team … K.Will, I’m so sorry. Holy fucking shit. Surely they were covering a different song.

How was this close? The female team wasn’t outstanding or anything, but they didn’t murder their song in cold blood like the male team did.

Dance Battle

Kyushi (Baek Hyeon Joo, Park Soo Min, Sori, HeeJin, Seo Yu Ri, Lee Soo Min, Ahn Da Bee, Ng Sze Kai, Kim Si Hyeon, Heo Chanmi, Yu Jin Kyung, Lee Ye Eun, Lee Yeo Reum) – Ariana Grande – “Greedy”

Just8 (Jo Young Ho, Yuto, Moon Jae Yoon, Lee Jae Jun, Jo Young Geun, Kim Han Gyeol, Yoon Jae Hee, Lee Chang Sun) – Jason Derulo – “Kiss The Sky”

Kyushi – 4978 | Just8 – 3766

The female team was polished, professional, synchronized, hot as fuck, and did gay fanservice. The boys team were generally solid, but overall it seemed a bit perfunctory.

Both performed well, but it wasn’t hard to imagine why the women beat the men. Their stage was more active, more impressive, and more titillating.


‘MIXNINE’ didn’t do rankings this week, which is almost a blessing at this point, honestly. Definitely looking forward to next week and seeing how drastically things change.


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