“Anon” idol accused of sexual harassment, Nam Goong Yeon denies allegations, 20+ come forward in Jo Min Ki case

The slew of sexual assault and sexual harassment cases have now made their way into K-pop, as a famous “unnamed” idol has been accused of sexual harassment.

The OP claimed that when she was in grade 6~7, she was called by the idol to have a talk. He locked her into a bathroom and sexually harassed her with actions like licking her ears. He threatened her that if she screamed or tried to leave, he was going to spread the story. He later threatened her on messenger to send him nude pictures, which she did. She begged him not to spread the story. In high school, she heard that A was going to debut as an idol. She was revealed because even if he still had the pictures, he couldn’t do anything about them.

Later, the accuser said she would take down the post and just wants an apology.

Thanks to everyone who comforted me. The reason why I couldn’t reveal his name was because I’m still not confident enough. I have no proofs but I know some friends who were in the same situation as me. Other Metoo assaulters denied their fault first but the fact that there are more victims coming out is an enough proof. My story is from 17 years ago, how can I have any proof? And back then, it was possible to send pictures on BuddyBuddy messenger like Kakaotalk. I’m taking down the post. It’s meaningless since there are screencaps out there but I don’t want anything else. I just want an apology.

So that’s a summary, but the original post provided significantly more detail, and netizens appear to have an idea of who is being accused, with one particularly not beating around the bush and outright naming him.

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Worth noting that the accuser has not named anybody yet, so this technically remains speculation. That said, I’m not sure it’s much of a secret who the accuser is talking about.



Nam Goong Yeon now faces four allegations of sexual harassment, as one more accuser came forward in addition to the three previous, and he has continued to deny it.

When asked about the accuracy of the four current accusations against him, he said, “I’m not a bad person”. When asked other questions, he directed the media to his lawyer, and left in a car with his wife. His lawyer said on the 6th, “There is no change in stance from his original stance. He will be submitting his lawsuit on defamation of character on the accusers on the 7th.”

If this is going through the legal system, it could definitely take a while to resolve.


Jo Min Ki, who has admitted to sexual harassment, has seen over 20 victims go to the police.

The Choongbook Police, who is currently investigating the actor for his sexual harassment accusations, has ordered Jo Min Ki not to leave Korea. The ban will last for one month, and he will be summoned next week for investigation. The police have received testimonies from over 20 victims.

Yeah, not great. Hopefully the victims get justice.


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