[Update] Yuk Ji Dam demands apology over Kang Daniel mess, CJ E&M/YMC respond

Yuk Ji Dam is back and so is the mess involving her and WANNA ONE‘s Kang Daniel. You remember that mess, right? It’s the scandal that all started because Yuk Ji Dam got pissed at a role-playing fanfiction, which led to her publicly declaring that she dated Kang Daniel, which led rapper KASPER and Yuk Ji Dam’s dad to chime in and testify that Yuk Ji Dam and Kang Daniel did have a thing.

Well now Yuk Ji Dam claims that CJ E&M and YMC Entertainment didn’t resolve the Kang Daniel mess with her, so she’s threatening to hold a press conference and air everything out if she doesn’t get an apology.

“First of all, I am really sorry about ruining the country’s atmosphere as a celebrity. The foreigners, Koreans, and Asians who tried to take me to the airport when I was in Los Angeles in February. The multiple cars. I would like the cars to be investigated for following me whenever I was walking alone. I want to check CCTV. February 14, the day of the Gaon Chart Awards. That’s the day. In the end, my sister came to the United States to get me. I don’t know what YMC and CJ did, but even before I posted on Instagram, Jessi, Ailee, Jenny House, YMC’s head, and my former company CJ’s department head Hong ignored me when I contacted them. Scary things were happening to me and I was only trying to live, but YMC and CJ did not contact me once. I wanted to resolve the situation involving Kang Daniel with the people directly involved, but it looked like they made a plan to hide all of Wanna One. And the malicious comments that were so bad that they were hard to look at with open eyes. I could not find any words supporting me. I came back from the United States around February 16 and I was scared and hiding in a hospital. The tyranny of big corporations are causing harm even to my family. I ask for a sincere, proper apology and explanation from CJ, YMC, and their artists. If you do not apologize immediately I will hold a press conference within a few days. Also, I will sue against all of the malicious comments and unfounded rumors posted over the past month. My email address is [email address]. I would be thankful if you sent me PDFs [of the comments].”

While it does seem likely that Yuk Ji Dam and Kang Daniel were at least a thing, if not a full-blown relationship, she comes across as a bit of a mess and things have been that way for a while (even dating back to a show of hers that we covered). Like she started this entire mess and now she’s mad at everybody for not wanting to talk it out with her and shit? Huh?

Look, I hope things get better for her, but none of what she’s complaining about goes down if she — and I still can’t believe I’m writing this — doesn’t randomly flip out at literally a role-playing fanfiction.



CJ E&M and YMC Entertainment have both released statements that basically reflect the same confusion I had with regards to Yuk Ji Dam.

A source from CJ E&M said, “Last fall we mutually agreed with Yuk Ji Dam to terminate her contract. The company has not been in touch with her since then. We are not sure what [Yuk Ji Dam] wants an apology for.” YMC Entertainment said, “The agency has not been in touch with Yuk Ji Dam, so we don’t know what kind of apology to make. We will do our best to make sure that our artists do not get hurt and harmed.”

Uh … press conference time?


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