NU’EST’s Baekho acquitted of sexual assault charges, Pledis issues statement

Last year in JuneBaekho of NU’EST was accused of molesting a girl on a bus ride back home from cram school eight years ago in 2009. Netizens pointed out inconsistencies in the accusation and Pledis Entertainment issued a denial, which led to the alleged victim clarifying her accusation. Then it was reported that Baekho was actually booked in 2009 and issued an apology at the time despite maintaining his innocence, with Pledis also denying wrongdoing.

Now it’s been revealed by the prosecution that Baekho has been acquitted of sexual assault charges.

On April 16, it was reported that the prosecution had dismissed the case and acquitted Baekho of sexual assault charges, ending an eight month-long legal dispute that began in 2017.

Pledis then issued a statement.

Pledis Entertainment confirmed the news and stated, “We received an official notice today that he has been cleared of all charges.” They emphasized, “This is proof that what was alleged never happened to begin with, and that Baekho is innocent.”

So it’s now formally concluded, though I’m honestly not sure how else the process could’ve played out legally, especially since this happened back in 2009.

Though I do believe Pledis still has an ongoing criminal (not civil) lawsuit against the accuser. Should be interesting to see how that turns out, as the burden of proof is reversed in that case.


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