Melon announce additional measures against sajaegi in light of sajaegi factory report

Following a report on sajaegi factories in China by eDaily, Melon made an announcement about how they are already working to prevent sajaegi and also measures they’ll take going forward.

For years, we have been monitoring abnormal user patterns and have built and strengthened a filtering system. The illegal app login fraud that was reported by media is already an illegal pattern that is monitored internally. Every month, we ban about 15,000 IP addresses including those from that pattern. There are 1.44 million IP (including VPN) that are permanently banned, and every day, we protect 5,500 IDs by locking them. However, because illegal chart sajaegi methods are getting more advanced, we are strengthening our defense system. Currently, Melon uses the i-pin, which was created according to government policies to prevent excessive personal information gathering. However, there are frequent and continuous cases of illegal i-pin usage. To ban this entirely, we will soon no longer support the i-pin usage, and strengthen the verification process through cell phones.

Honestly, reports on sajaegi are fucking hilarious when you imagine these gigantic companies engaging in spy games over goddamn hourly streaming charts.


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